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About Us

Wanting a better life a young kid from the Oranges tried a few jobs to see which would suit him.  Eager to learn and a desire to earn led him to his first endeavor.  Delivering groceries by bicycle is where he started.  Twelve years old might be a bit young however these were different times.  1957 was the year.  Elvis Presley was on every kids radio and GM was producing some of the most beautiful vehicles to date.  Excited with his new found responsibility but not happy with his paycheck he moved on.  As a teenager, he tried his hand at manufacturing furniture, then moved on to the produce section at a local grocery.  Succesful however feeling stiffled he decided it was not for him.  Vending machine parts department seemed like a great oportunity at first but quickly lost its lustre.  He was succesful at all of these jobs, but none seemed to give him the fulfillment he was searching for.  Landing a drivers position at then famous Tip-Top bread was next.  This job seemed to give him the most satisfaction because he was able to travel around and meet new people while providing excellent customer service.  Finding spare time as he mostly had early morning hours Tommy took on part time hours installing fencing.  This was 1964 and it started the career of our ambitious fencing installer.  The freedom of going town to town held the same joy as his bread route.  Meeting new people and helping with their needs gave him the same satisfaction as well.  He gave his customers a great product and made a name for himself among fencing installers.  Jump to Memorial Day 1969 was the day he started his Family.  Not so long after with the help of his wife, ALL-QUALITY FENCE co. was formed.  Leaving the Oranges for Morris County was a big part of this transition into business ownership. 
As Tom's children, ALL-QUALITY FENCE Company played a major rule in our upbringing.  Whether it was taking a ride with Dad on estimates or simply waiting for a delivery truck, mixing cement or learning to build sections of fence, it was part of our lives on a daily basis.  It's no wonder we joined him in his company, thus, transforming it into a true family business.  We share the same enthusiasm as our Dad did, and still does, in providing a high quality product with excellent customer service.
Our next generation is well on its way as all three of Tom's children now have children of their own.  Perhaps one might answer the phone with your call.  Learning the delivery routes is anothers task.  Sharing in the installation of a very important monument.  We hope they learn the very special gift their Grandparents have given them. 
Our Dad still works hard everyday and demands nothing less than the very best in quality components and craftsmanship be provided to you, our valued customer.  For those of you whom we have already served, we thank you for your continued business.  To those of you who are new to ALL-QUALITY FENCE/SHEDS Company, we'd love to know how we can help you. 

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